Khephey Laminate Flooring

Khephey Laminate Flooring offers all the durability and fine, traditional appearance of a hardwood floor but at a price that homeowners on a budget can afford. Laminate flooring is ‘floating’ type of floor as well. This means it can be installed right over your existing floor, saving you time and money in not having to tear out your old flooring.

Laminated flooring is great in commercial applications as well. It is scuff, scratch and stain resistant and will put up with years of high foot traffic and still retain its elegant look of natural wood.

Its known reputation for durability is because laminate flooring is made of compressed and layered hardwoods. Few types of flooring are tougher and hold up as well as laminated flooring.

We have four styles and shades to choose from, from a dark, rich shade to a light, off-white finish. See why laminate flooring may be the wisest and most elegant choice for homeowners on a budget.

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