Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is gaining in popularity for the Auckland homeowner looking for something beyond the same old plank flooring, but still appreciating the warm buttery tones that only natural wood provides.

Bamboo flooring must be seen to be appreciated. We offer four styles: Carbonised Compressed Bamboo Flooring in various rich and dark shades that complement each other well, Natural Compressed Bamboo Flooring that features the natural creamy shade of Bamboo, UNICLIC Carbonised compressed Flooring that has an even dark, rich shade and UNICLIC Natural Compressed Flooring that features a buttery, blonde tone.

Everyone notices bamboo flooring as much for the absence of the traditional plank-type look that natural wood flooring is known for, as for the stylish elegance it imparts to the entire room. Come and see the unusual, stylish look that has everyone talking.

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